Nomac's PeakeRig represents the latest innovation in drilling efficiency and HSE excellence. The first PeakeRig was delivered in the fall of 2012 and there are now 28 in the fleet. These fit-for-purpose rigs, paired with Nomac’s highly competent crews, represent the ideal drilling solution for every unconventional basin in the U.S.

What makes PeakeRig a top rig?

  • Air-conditioned driller's cabin provides view of rig floor and racking board; touch screens, joysticks, closed-circuit TV system with four cameras and rig-floor intercom; drawworks controls; safer, state-of-the-art work area
  • 7,500 psi of pressure provided by the mud pumps
  • Machines do most of the heavy lifting, reducing potential for injury
  • Top drive and blocks transport in the mast, making for speedy rig moves
  • Bidirectional rig walkers integrated into the substructure lift more than 1 million pounds and walk up to 90 feet, taking one hour to move from one well to the next
  • TDS-11 top drive, best on the market
  • Remote-controlled hydraulic catwalk moves drill pipe between the ground and rig floor, no longer requiring a hydraulic winch or air hoist
  • Remote-controlled integrated blowout preventer (BOP) hoisting system picks up the BOP stack in one piece
  • Utility suitcase rolls with the rig instead of disconnecting as with older rigs
  • Programmed safety features — monkey board collision warning system, BOP/drawworks interlock and top drive/blocks travel limits prevent accidents and reduce chance of human error
  • Variable frequency drive A/C control system provides enhanced control of all drilling parameters.